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Ciment Fondu & Crushed Firebrick

Ciment Fondu is suitable for use in environments where the cement might be exposed to temperatures of up to 1000 deg C. The term describes the category of Calcium aluminate cements. These are cements that consist mainly of hydraulic calcium aluminates. Alternative names also include "aluminous cement" and "high-alumina cement". When constructing a fireplace in readiness for fireplace tiles or hearth tiles, this product is a must.

25kg Ciment Fondu
£29.65 inc VAT

25kg Bag Ciment Fondu - This versatile product has many applications and is able to resist extreme temperatures of up to 1000 degrees C.

How to Use Ciment Fondu and Crushed Firebrick Together

These types of cement are particularly suitable for use with small-scale, specialised applications such as the installation of fireplaces and hearths. Our recommended mix for blending crushed firebrick with ciment fondu is four parts crushed brick to one part ciment fondu.

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